Early 2013 Love in Hand by Linda M Smith 

     #SaveTheNEA.  Jim Gilmore, remember when you thought I was the reason why people were fleeing your Adobe CS computer class?  Well, I graduated with honors from the same school that had me removed to online-only classes.  Meanwhile, I owe FA my very life!  And my gorgeous body!  Goddess bless you, Professor James Gilmore.  Say hi to Angel Adams for me, will ya?  Are you still in touch with Kristyanna Virgona?  We’re still pals!  

My Best Work from Dennis Weathers’ beginning painting class in early 2013(?)

     This is based on an Indigenous Brazilian eye from National Geographic.  Acrylic on stretch canvas 18 x 24 “, abandoned at El Cerrito BART station around July 3-6, 2013.  LONG story!  I was beginning my 2 year’s Life On The Road.  Looking back, this is one of my Best Lifetime Artworks.  And I have put out a LOT of sketchbooks and sold numerous artist’s handmade greeting cards.  Yes, I take commissions!  #SaveTheNEA.  Email me GoddessLinda at gmail dot com, subject line “Commissions”