Brahma is the Hindu god of Beginnings.  I equate him with Sir Paul McCartney!  Perhaps his three heads symbolize his willingness to integrate Past, Present, and Future.  His 4 arms could symbolize the 4 elements, and they each hold a power object, including Mala beads.  


Post Mast

     My cat is on the left.  The colors aren’t realistic, of course!  It started with a spiral.  I incorporated Zentangles on the right💋. Spent $20 on a Zentangles how-to book–a huge sum of money for me to spend on a book these days!  I incorporated a Congressman from the SF Bay Area into this, too!  I like putting together body parts in odd ways!  Such as hands emerging from a pair of feet or pants, and shaking!  As in, the friendly handshake!