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Just Stars card – $5 or Best Offer 

      My latest greeting card for sale! 


Wassayaks Psychedelic scene from my sketchbook

     I borrowed from a wall mural at a local wifi cafe.  Andrew, one of the owners, just had a baby girl!  Micah is his brother.  They serve up coffee, tea, bagels, panini and salads, etc.  I borrowed light and shadow from the table next to me.  Added the chandelier, and turned a Millennial male customer with flowered grey shorts on into T-Rex.  

     I saw a T-Rex puppets at the nearby ePuppets store.  I am praying for an economic healing in Mount Shasta.  So sorry to see Village Books and Crystal Angels close!  Boo!

Shasta Angels Flying Kites – commissioned art 

Danielle is the proprietor of ePuppets on North Mount Shasta Blvd!  He’s my biggest collector.  I name him “a believing mirror”.  Every artist needs at least one!  He sells children’s toys and games.  I encourage all travelers along I-5 in Northern California to stop by and buy some toys!  Parents and grandparents take note!  Below is Danielle with his Altar….

Durga greeting card – $5 

Durga is a Goddess of India.  Her mantra cleared up my DNA in a very physical way!  While she was fighting off demons, Kali sprang out of her forehead!  I don’t know many facts about Durga Ma, but she tells me she cries real tears whenever I or any other deprive ourselves of pleasure unnecessarily.  WOW.  I am learning more.  She is known in Russian Faery tales as “the Princess Riding the Tiger”.  Sometimes, she rides a lion, instead!  Here, she is many-armed, like a number of Hindu Gods.

Mountain Town Sunrise

This one’s on sale for $5.  I still need to master landscapes!  Buildings with their shadows are intriguing.  This is a study of Alma Street and North Mount Shasta Blvd.  That’s where we hold our Monday afternoon Farmer’s Market, 3:30-6 pm, until mid-October.  And yes, they take EBT/CalFresh and double it with chips or cards, up to maybe $10 worth?  Many Farmer’s Markets throughout California will do that!  Encourage everyone to eat healthy!

2 Mount Shasta Greeting Cards for Sale 

The top card is made with gold and silver metallic pens as well as Prismacolor pencils.  Both are blank on the inside and are autographed by me on back with link to this blog.

The bottom card is watercolor pen with cake colors.  Both $5 each, cash or PayPal preferred, S&H extra.

If you’re ever traveling through Mount Shasta, email me Goddess Linda at gmail dot com for a sales meeting at a local public spot.  Tourists and one local store are my best customers so far!