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Justin, Mountie, and Canuck

At left is an RCMP cop, also known as a “Mountie” in Canada.  At the top is Justin Trudeau, the current PM of Canada.  I’m glad he replaced Stephen Harper!  At right is a Vancouver Canuck hockey player.  Vancouver is the capital city (I think) of the British Columbia Province, which is on the lower left coast of Canada.  I have been there.  I was 11, and I remember it as cold and foggy.  I was VERY startled by a giant foghorn, which blasted out the first notes of “O Canada”, their national anthem!

Russell Brand 

I see Russell Brand as the embodiment of Kama, the Hindu God of sex pleasure.  He’s very handsome, a comedian, and a social spokesperson from the UK.  At one time, he was married to Katy Perry.  He is the voice-over for the Doctor in “Dedpicable Me 2”.  The one who helps Gru make those jellies.  One good chant for Kama is “Om Kama Pujitaye Nameha!”  Said to bring a happy, lasting marriage or intimate partnership.  Deva Premal sings a beautiful version of that mantra.  I find mantras are powerful tools of manifestation!

Rowdy Roddy Piper

I remember first seeing him in the late 80s.  He was very young, a WWF wrestler, wearing red underwear.  A woman I knew in an Adult School career class was a fan of his.  He has since evolved into a Scottish man in a kilt, an actor, and the MC of Piper’s Pit.  I think he’s very handsome and sexy!

He died last summer.  He’s known for shouting, “I am here to kick some ass and chew bubblegum, and I am all outta bubblegum!”  I hope they buried him in bubblegum.  My favorite is Wrigley’s “Juicy Fruit”.

Hulk Hogan 

He seems more intelligent than most of the other WWF wrestlers I know.  I remember seeing “the Hulk” on a reality TV show.  He’s been married to Linda for a long time.  I remember seeing his blond teenage daughter and his lecturing her on her food consumption and weight.  My Dad did the same.  And in the most non-shaming way possible.  I’m grateful my family set some healthy limits around food!  Thank you, Mom, for eliminating those sugary cereals.

Some foods shouldn’t be labeled “food”.  These poisons come in boxes and bags or emit from fast food restaurants like unicorn farts.  Hmpf!

Sgt. Slaughter 

“I fought and bled in Vietnam!” declares Sgt. Slaughter, thundering out into the boxing ring.  Facing whoever his opponent is.  I find him pretty easy to draw.  These days, they call themselves WWE.  Back when I first saw them on a real TV, they were WWE.  Ravishing Rick Rude stands out in my memory.

Each of these “characters” comes with his own theme song, entrance video, and at least one costume.  I say all these wrestlers have a good grasp on the concept of “personal branding”.  Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rick Rude have died.  RIP Rowdy and Rick.  I’m sure Rowdy has been buried with a lifetime supply of bubble gum.  Ha, ha, ha!