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Spring 2018 Greeting Cards by Linda Of Mt Shasta, California!

I love musicians and bands, and I play piano, guitar, sing, and can invent lyrics on the fly! The band is about to arrive for soundcheck!

This one has Max, a neighborhood Lab and Pyrenees mix. He’s only 5 months old! We have made friends. He’s gonna be a BIG dog! Lives in the old Trading Places Shop! Now a Residence.

Heart here loves to go shopping! Star is best friends with Heart. Heart and Star Studios is growing!

I put Buddha together with a Unicorn, because they are both important symbols. I often think of transgender people’s as Unicorns. LGBTQ rights have to be respected! Without making it harder on the “straight” people. (I wonder are there any “straight” people! Sexuality is a joy and a wonder. Be careful and have fun!)


Shiva Greeting card -$5 or Best Offer

I am getting better at these small-scale illustrations.  Hindu deities are found on Google images by me, until I learn the details of their weapons, animals, jewelry, clothing and myths associated with them.  Some have multiple arms.  Shiva is the God of death and destruction.  He has a couple of wives (at least) and one son that I know of.  Parvati, Kali, and Ganesha, respectively.

Durga greeting card – $5 

Durga is a Goddess of India.  Her mantra cleared up my DNA in a very physical way!  While she was fighting off demons, Kali sprang out of her forehead!  I don’t know many facts about Durga Ma, but she tells me she cries real tears whenever I or any other deprive ourselves of pleasure unnecessarily.  WOW.  I am learning more.  She is known in Russian Faery tales as “the Princess Riding the Tiger”.  Sometimes, she rides a lion, instead!  Here, she is many-armed, like a number of Hindu Gods.

Russell Brand 

I see Russell Brand as the embodiment of Kama, the Hindu God of sex pleasure.  He’s very handsome, a comedian, and a social spokesperson from the UK.  At one time, he was married to Katy Perry.  He is the voice-over for the Doctor in “Dedpicable Me 2”.  The one who helps Gru make those jellies.  One good chant for Kama is “Om Kama Pujitaye Nameha!”  Said to bring a happy, lasting marriage or intimate partnership.  Deva Premal sings a beautiful version of that mantra.  I find mantras are powerful tools of manifestation!

Krishna and Radha greeting card 

Portraits are tricky.  Portraits done in watercolor, more so.  On the right, we see Krishna, the Hindu God of love who plays flute, and is a vegetarian or vegan, and does Tantra with a lot of the ladies!  On the left, we see Radha, his main squeeze.  Krishna is very gentle and erotic and playful.  Maybe He is that invisible Couc Lover whom I sometimes feel touching me erotically!  Until I come, get moist, tingle or tremble.