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Swirling Mandala 

      I like to incorporate the 4 Directions.  Mandalas tend to bring me sexy dreams.  God knows why.  I think they focus the mind!  They are pure Magick.  


Today’s Mandala

Done with mixed-media.  Prismacolors, Crayola markers, and graphites.  Also gold metallic pen.  From the sketchbook of Linda M Smith.  I’m influenced by Zentangles and things I see in artists’ instruction books.

Thank God for Pinterest!  They feature a lot of Art Tutorials as well as Zentangles!  I can do research there.  It’s more than just recipes!  Or fashion and gorgeous people.

Ganesha Mandala

Hot off the presses!  This reminds me of Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles.  He helps writers and anybody who’s in a bind.  The first Hindu deity to be invoked in a ceremony, one of his mantras is OM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMEHA.  I always receive visions from him, as well as useful Divine Guidance.

In fact, Ganesha told me to get this iPhone 6S!

Head and Shapes Mandala 

All of life is made up of geometrical shapes.  Spheres, cubes, arcs, pyramids, cones, straight lines and so much more.  I’m fascinated by hands and feet, because of the number of bones.  The metacarpals are the hand bones.  The metatarsals are the foot bones.  As usual, my 6-month old cat, YaHabibi, is trying to sneak his way into my artwork!  He steals pens and paws his way into drawers!