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Pride and Star greeting cards by Linda for sale

The 2nd greeting card here is a tribute to #LGBTPride month. It’s June! Traditional time to celebrate Alternative Sexuality!

The 1st greeting card has Mount Shasta in the background, and yarrow plus California poppies in the foreground with Star, one of my cartoon characters.


Linda’s Mandala and Zentangle Greeting Cards

Hot off the presses! On sale close to the #mountshastafarmersmarket which takes place on Mondays from 3:30–6 pm in 400 N Mount Shasta Blvd neighborhood.

These usually run for $5 each. I also do Commissions for $7–10 each. One very generous young dude gave me a $20. 😍 I frequently prospect and sell these on the streets and at the gatherings of Mount Shasta, California. We are along I-5, just an hour’s drive South of the Oregon border. We are a strong tourist economy.

Spring 2018 Greeting Cards by Linda Of Mt Shasta, California!

I love musicians and bands, and I play piano, guitar, sing, and can invent lyrics on the fly! The band is about to arrive for soundcheck!

This one has Max, a neighborhood Lab and Pyrenees mix. He’s only 5 months old! We have made friends. He’s gonna be a BIG dog! Lives in the old Trading Places Shop! Now a Residence.

Heart here loves to go shopping! Star is best friends with Heart. Heart and Star Studios is growing!

I put Buddha together with a Unicorn, because they are both important symbols. I often think of transgender people’s as Unicorns. LGBTQ rights have to be respected! Without making it harder on the “straight” people. (I wonder are there any “straight” people! Sexuality is a joy and a wonder. Be careful and have fun!)

A Wrinkle In Time movie review

What Hollywood Should Be. I, Linda, remember reading the book of same title by Madeleine L’Engle as a child in the 1970s. As I wept in the Mount Shasta Cinemas, I again silently thanked the Archangel of Space and Time for helping the female African-American director cast a young African-American as Meg Murry, the main character. Her father, scientist and visionary thinker Alex Murry, has disappeared for 4 years when this powerful yet gentle, heart-warming film opens. Spirit Guides Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which, all appear as the Triple Goddess. Charles Wallace is Meg’s younger, genius brother, and in the book he had a college-level vocabulary as a 6-year old. Calvin is Meg’s prospective boyfriend, and a true gentleman who says “You have nice hair!” I find it beautiful that, despite Meg’s skepticism, she is quite able to “teaser” along with Calvin, Charles Wallace, and the Triple Goddess Spirit Guides.

I find it interesting, too, that the Favorite Planet is named URIEL. Archangel Uriel is in charge of Wisdom and is held in place by Amber, a beautiful resin found in a special room in Russia. And numerous other places! I also find it interesting that the Happy Medium looks much like Meg Murry’s long-gone Dad. I find the Yoga Scene in that Place of the Orange Rocks to be humorous.

The rest of the story is true to the book by Madeleine L’Engle. This includes their visit to Camazotz, where the evil entity, “It”, has taken over as a dark and inhuman Group Mind. I find it most interesting of all that Meg’s faults and her willfulness, along with her strong love for her family, rescue her Father as well as Charles Wallace.

In the very end, Oprah Winfrey as Mrs. Which crowns her “Warrior”. By then, Meg has acquired the ability to “tesser” them all back home. I love Meg’s power animal and ally, Fortinbras.

I give A Wrinkle In Time 🎁🌹😇🌝🌚


Linda M. Smith

Zentangles with Colors and Shadows greeting card (sold!)

     I made this up.  On the left, we have Printemps in green and blue.  That word is French for spring.  In the middle, we have Static.  The Crescent Moons pattern is at top.  On the right, I forget the name, but it’s woven.  Worth my time and money to learn these!  You can find Zentangles on Pinterest and copy or modify.  I find them easy.  

Shasta Angels Flying Kites – commissioned art 

Danielle is the proprietor of ePuppets on North Mount Shasta Blvd!  He’s my biggest collector.  I name him “a believing mirror”.  Every artist needs at least one!  He sells children’s toys and games.  I encourage all travelers along I-5 in Northern California to stop by and buy some toys!  Parents and grandparents take note!  Below is Danielle with his Altar….

Shiva Greeting card -$5 or Best Offer

I am getting better at these small-scale illustrations.  Hindu deities are found on Google images by me, until I learn the details of their weapons, animals, jewelry, clothing and myths associated with them.  Some have multiple arms.  Shiva is the God of death and destruction.  He has a couple of wives (at least) and one son that I know of.  Parvati, Kali, and Ganesha, respectively.