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Linda’s Mandala and Zentangle Greeting Cards

Hot off the presses! On sale close to the #mountshastafarmersmarket which takes place on Mondays from 3:30–6 pm in 400 N Mount Shasta Blvd neighborhood.

These usually run for $5 each. I also do Commissions for $7–10 each. One very generous young dude gave me a $20. ūüėć I frequently prospect and sell these on the streets and at the gatherings of Mount Shasta, California. We are along I-5, just an hour’s drive South of the Oregon border. We are a strong tourist economy.


Zentangles Notes

These are my visual notes of Zentangles, drawn by me from the library book, “The Beauty of Zentangles”, by Suzanne McNeil, CZT, and Cindy Shephard, CZT. There are more tangles yet for me to learn. You can take classes in how to do this!

Due to transportation and money challenges, I use the books I buy (infrequently) or Zentangles found online at places such as Pinterest. I “lucked out” when I discovered this at City Library in Mount Shasta, California.

Zentangles with Colors and Shadows greeting card (sold!)

     I made this up.  On the left, we have Printemps in green and blue.  That word is French for spring.  In the middle, we have Static.  The Crescent Moons pattern is at top.  On the right, I forget the name, but it’s woven.  Worth my time and money to learn these!  You can find Zentangles on Pinterest and copy or modify.  I find them easy.  

Zentangle Practice Leap Day

I’m picking up Zentangles from Pinterest, perhaps the world’s best free Zentangles tutorial! ¬†I’m learning to get as much “stuff” and education as possible, while spending as little money as possible. ¬†Yes, life pays! ¬†You name your recompense by what you do, by who you are. ¬†The last two sentences are a quote from Imelda Shanklin’s “What Are You?” book, published long ago. ¬†Like, back in the 1920’s.