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Three Sexy Ladies 

     I know Jami on Facebook and Katya in real life.  I took their photos and mine in our sexy moments, and drew these in #2 pencil in my sketchbook.  


Wassayaks Psychedelic scene from my sketchbook

     I borrowed from a wall mural at a local wifi cafe.  Andrew, one of the owners, just had a baby girl!  Micah is his brother.  They serve up coffee, tea, bagels, panini and salads, etc.  I borrowed light and shadow from the table next to me.  Added the chandelier, and turned a Millennial male customer with flowered grey shorts on into T-Rex.  

     I saw a T-Rex puppets at the nearby ePuppets store.  I am praying for an economic healing in Mount Shasta.  So sorry to see Village Books and Crystal Angels close!  Boo!

Shasta Angels Flying Kites – commissioned art 

Danielle is the proprietor of ePuppets on North Mount Shasta Blvd!  He’s my biggest collector.  I name him “a believing mirror”.  Every artist needs at least one!  He sells children’s toys and games.  I encourage all travelers along I-5 in Northern California to stop by and buy some toys!  Parents and grandparents take note!  Below is Danielle with his Altar….

Justin, Mountie, and Canuck

At left is an RCMP cop, also known as a “Mountie” in Canada.  At the top is Justin Trudeau, the current PM of Canada.  I’m glad he replaced Stephen Harper!  At right is a Vancouver Canuck hockey player.  Vancouver is the capital city (I think) of the British Columbia Province, which is on the lower left coast of Canada.  I have been there.  I was 11, and I remember it as cold and foggy.  I was VERY startled by a giant foghorn, which blasted out the first notes of “O Canada”, their national anthem!

Qolsarif Mosque, Kazan, Russia — 2 views 

Happy Eid-al-Fitr!  About July 6 of this year, it’s when all devout Muslims end Ramadan with a big feast.  Ramadan sounds tough.  All who are able to, who are of the Muslim Faith, must fast from dawn to dusk.  They eat shortly after sunset.  I am intrigued by the Muslim faith, and horrified at what some of we Americans have done to the Middle East.  We Americans and Christians owe the Middle Easterner and Muslim a big amends.  I know ISIL continue to do evil things in places like Falluja and Baghdad as well as al-Raqqa in Syria.  I zap them with love, knowing more will defect and repent!

I am amazed by Arab and Muslim architecture.  I think I will draw more mosques!  I get my ideas from Google Image search off of my iPhone!

Mountain Town Sunrise

This one’s on sale for $5.  I still need to master landscapes!  Buildings with their shadows are intriguing.  This is a study of Alma Street and North Mount Shasta Blvd.  That’s where we hold our Monday afternoon Farmer’s Market, 3:30-6 pm, until mid-October.  And yes, they take EBT/CalFresh and double it with chips or cards, up to maybe $10 worth?  Many Farmer’s Markets throughout California will do that!  Encourage everyone to eat healthy!

Star Stage greeting card – sold!

I live in a rural area, where there is a wide-open space between Weed and Yreka.  The STAGE bus runs there.  Recently, I saw another view of Mount Shasta from I-5 or perhaps Hwy 99.  I made up that huge, spinning star!  I miss owning Adobe Illustrator, where I can make many sophisticated, pixelated stars.  With a few flicks of my fingers on a touch-screen or Mouse!