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Inanna and Tammuz

Oh, my beloved Bono, your phallus winks out at me from those
shiny leather pants on that stage at Live Aid in 1987
Bob Geldof, he birthed another Woodstock of the 80s
You, Bono, have filled my dreams ever since I saw
“The Joshua Tree” film. At first, I thought
you weren’t that handsome, then
I knew the power of your lips

tracing every inch of my skin
your tongue dipping into my cunt
as a hummingbird dips its beak into a big, red tube flower
The wingbeat of your heart on top of my pelvis
my breasts run with your sweat
your kisses they grace my thighs
our ears are full of our honeyed signs
the sheets are soaked with our passion

Oh, Bono, you orgasm my every breath
I breathe your every orgasm… (sigh)