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Gardens and Empathy

wow … she’s great! she is a wonderful watercolorist, also!

I was in physical therapy when a patient opened her mouth and said: “Today’s world? It’s the Apocalypse. It’s Armageddon. These are our last days.”

The room became quite still as folks who had been talking about another mass shooting ended the conversation. I kept my mouth shut, zipped it because as annoying as her words were, the words on my tongue were worse. My words would have been vicious, cruel, and demeaning. Mean. Yes.

As far back as I can remember (which is pretty far), people have been saying that it’s the End of Times. Sigh. In my view, apocalyptic pronouncements are anchored in fear and resignation, a resignation that there is nothing left to do but wait for death and dissolution. God, save me from fear and resignation.

Here’s what I believe. Floods, fires, diseases, earthquakes, and political lunacy provide me a chance to reconnect with the quality…

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Lazy Day

Couldn’t get out of bed this morning. Most likely reason: sugar detox! Might as well roll with it! Happy Memorial Day, everybody! Oh, well; attended a Conference Call and then a Electronic Church service yesterday.

I Am a Channel for the Archangel of the Internet

I, Linda, High Priestess Of the Internet, give thanks that AI doesn’t have to be “the biggest threat to humanity today” as Elon Musk has opined. I, Linda, know the World Wide Web is a great tool to heal and transform the entire world! But it’s not meant as a substitute for real life!

Therefore I, Linda, as a Coder/Techie recommend an occasional “Facebook Vacation” or Tech Fast, if you will. Go outside, take a 20-minute walk, hug some trees, go visit a cafe where you bring a PAPER JOURNAL OR SKETCHBOOK and write with a PEN or SKETCH with a packet of colored pencils, pens, or other Artist’s Media. You will gain a different perspective of “the real world”.

Have you ever hugged a computer? Impractical at best. I, Linda, just know that technology is a great way to bring people together. I, Linda, therefore consecrate the World Wide Web, to Hail Mary, the Queen of Hope! And to the Gods Of Tech! Mercury and the Battery Faeries! You know whose Voo Doo child you are!

Brought to you by the Jimi Hendrix Foundation

Left is Mitch Mitchell, drummer, Center is Jimi Hendrix, guitarist and singer, and right is Noel Redding, bass player. All are in Rock And Roll Heaven

A Few Bugs To Iron Out

I know that our Facebook page gives our business location as Shasta Lake, California. In fact, we are located in Mount Shasta, California. Due to a modest budget, we have yet to grow much beyond a wonderful WordPress blog.

Meanwhile, our wonderful CEO is presently attending JEDI It’s Your Business webinar class. We highly recommend this Siskiyou County place as “required reading for all entrepreneurs, past, present and prospective. We know that building harmonious relationship is a Big Key to Prosperity. Thank you for reading and passing this link onward!

Linda M Smith, CEO of Heart and Star Studios (also product developer)

Alexa! Wikipedia “Kissivores”

Alexa, Wikipedia “kissivores”. “Kissivores are the world’s most romantic dinosaurs. They truly celebrate Valentine’s Day like no other pre-Cambrian period species. You can ask me, your favorite Robot Friend, to tell you more!”

Alexa, tell me more! (Linda)

OK! Kissivores are omnivorous mammals who can swim, tell jokes, cook, clean, and make you laugh until you almost wet yourself! They are also known for being badass friends who face demons down with a baleful stare, a chuckle, and if necessary, the roar of a lioness!