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The Backpack that Conquered the World….


One day, this backpack met a briefcase.
Well, not just any briefcase! It was a huge, green messenger bag with a yellow spiral, an Obama “Hope” sticker, and way too many chocolate stains to count. But mostly, it was covered in roses.
Backpack: Hello.
Messenger Bag: Hello! Whatever you have to sell, I”m not interested!
Backpack: I have NOTHING to sell!
Messenger Bag: Then, I’m interested! What’s your name?
Backpack: Pattern! What’s yours?
Messenger Bag: Mad Scientist! But you can call me Cornbread!
Backpack: Yum! Cornbread. You got some?
Messenger Bag: Yes. It’s tasty. I made it myself. Guaranteed GMO-free!
Mad Scientist reaches inside of his expensive, canvasy self, and hauls out a huge chunk of the tastiest cornbread in the galaxy.
Backpack: (takes a bite) YUM! (crunch!) What’s THAT? (pulls out a wedding ring!?)
Messenger Bag: WOW! My lucky day! You’re going to be my wife!
Backpack: Your WHAT?
Messenger Bag: I baked a Magick Cake! It has different pagan objects that symbolize different fortunes! You just happened to get the wedding ring!

to be cont’d ….


The Backpack that Conquered the World!

Once upon a time, there was a backpack. It came from Mars! And that backpack was HUNGRY!
She was particularly fond of paperback romance novels and any sort of Apple or Samsung techie gizmo. She also ate lots of naked people. Men, women; it didn’t matter. This backpack embraced “infinite” as its sexual orientation of choice!
Now. If only I could attach a pic!