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The Backpack that Conquered the World….


One day, this backpack met a briefcase.
Well, not just any briefcase! It was a huge, green messenger bag with a yellow spiral, an Obama “Hope” sticker, and way too many chocolate stains to count. But mostly, it was covered in roses.
Backpack: Hello.
Messenger Bag: Hello! Whatever you have to sell, I”m not interested!
Backpack: I have NOTHING to sell!
Messenger Bag: Then, I’m interested! What’s your name?
Backpack: Pattern! What’s yours?
Messenger Bag: Mad Scientist! But you can call me Cornbread!
Backpack: Yum! Cornbread. You got some?
Messenger Bag: Yes. It’s tasty. I made it myself. Guaranteed GMO-free!
Mad Scientist reaches inside of his expensive, canvasy self, and hauls out a huge chunk of the tastiest cornbread in the galaxy.
Backpack: (takes a bite) YUM! (crunch!) What’s THAT? (pulls out a wedding ring!?)
Messenger Bag: WOW! My lucky day! You’re going to be my wife!
Backpack: Your WHAT?
Messenger Bag: I baked a Magick Cake! It has different pagan objects that symbolize different fortunes! You just happened to get the wedding ring!

to be cont’d ….